Accommodation afloat! M/S Gamle Kvalstein is a classic old 84-foot wooden boat, moored centrally in the harbour.

During the summer season the boat can be rented by groups.

M/S Gamle Kvalstein

Top 3 things to do on Fedje


A close encounter with the ocean

Experience the lovely reefs and islets, the open sea and guided tours of Hellisøy Lighthouse, with a trip by rib around Fedje.

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Guided tour of Feddie Distillery

Learn how Feddie Ocean Distillery makes whisky and gin, and taste Feddie’s products.

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Find peace

Enjoy the island and the sea, the beach and the cliffs, as well as walking in the lovely countryside and heritage areas.

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Sea and sky

Fedje means an open landscape, with the sea in all directions and a narrow strip of land. The sea, the weather and the light all fill your senses on this island: the contrasts are laid out before you. The weather and the ocean make up the music of Fedje 

Forget all those sunsets you’ve seen before: these ones last so long that serenity can chase away stress and unease. The light here is remarkable and ever-changing because the sky is so broad and the horizon uninterrupted.

No buildings or mountain peaks conceal the sun or the clouds in this, the island’s natural theatre. The sky, sea and light are all part of the Fedje experience.

Where to stay on Fedje


Hellisøy lighthouse

Do you dream of living on your own island? The Keeper’s Lodge at Hellisøy Lighthouse is an experience that’s worth the journey.

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Harbour apartments and rooms

We can offer four excellent apartments in a central location at the harbour. Plenty of room with a view, offering a high standard. Or rent a room at charming Landsbykafeen.

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M/S Gamle Kvalstein

A fishing boat to rent. Sleeps 9 adults and 2 children. In the harbour.  

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Find your Fedje

Calm is a synonym for Fedje. The island's guests will always encounter nature here; the light, the heather, wind and waves – and nature trails that provide all of these in one. 

If you’re looking for action, the sea can provide this, with speed, adrenalin, good fishing and a paradise for kayakers and divers. If you want to see what the island’s distillery can offer, you are invited to a guided tour and tasting of quality products at Feddie Ocean Distillery. You can eat well here, too, at Pernille in the harbour area or at our food truck with outdoor eating at Fab8.

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Eat well on Fedje

Discover the taste of Fedje at our eateries.

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Pernille is a pleasant, informal café and bar, in a central location at the harbour. This is Fedje’s meeting place, where you can get delicious food and good drinks. 

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Harbour life

The harbour is Fedje’s meeting place. It’s where you’ll find the Pernille café, the Matkroken food shop, the general store and the “Søstrene” gathering place – the beautiful architect-designed waterside benchesvnen er møtestedet på Fedje. 

Feddie Ocean Distillery is located at the harbour. In good weather, the village café (the Landsbykafeen café) sometimes offers outdoor service during the summer. Fedje Island has four apartments in the harbour area, only five minutes away by cable ferry. Boats moor up here and create life, especially during the summer. 


About us

Fedje Island AS is a company entirely owned by Feddie Ocean Distillery

It is an enthusiastic team that runs Fedje Island AS, with staff from Fedje, Bergen and Oslo. We want to play our part in developing Fedje into the one island you simply must visit for its attractions and to which you’ll be dying to return as soon as you’ve left it.  

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