Who are we?

It is an enthusiastic team that runs Fedje Island AS, with staff from Fedje, Bergen and Oslo. We want to play our part in developing Fedje into the one island you simply must visit for its attractions and to which you’ll be dying to return as soon as you’ve left it.  

It all started when we had a large number of guests visiting, all of whom wanted to experience the distillery and have a guided tour. We lacked facilities for guests, both in terms of food, accommodation and other things to do on the island. The Søsterselskapet property company was therefore established. And Fedje Island AS is the tourist business that operates the facilities we establish on the island.  

Our lofty goal is to reverse the island’s depopulation, so that Fedje’s population grows, along with new industry, sustainability, satisfied visitors and good activities. 729 inhabitants is our goal, which represents a 45% increase in the population of Fedje. We will manage that.

To attain our goal, we wish to establish good facilities for everyone who wants to visit us on the island, in terms of catering, accommodation and activities.  

About us in the media

Read about women investing, how we develop the destination Fedje and other things we are engaged in. NB: These articles are only available in Norwegian

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