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Ferry from Sævrøy to Fedje

The trip on “Fedjefjord” takes 30 minutes. Start to unwind: you’re on your way. 

See ferry timetable by clicking the link below

Ferry timetable

By car

Fra Bergen Flesland Airport (90 km)
Driving time to Sævrøy ferry quay: 1¾ hours. Allow 2 hours to be on the safe side.  Free parking at Sævrøy ferry quay if you do not wish to take your car over to Fedje. The ferry docks in the centre of Fedje.

From Bergen city centre (70 km)
Driving time from Bergen city centre: 1¼ hours. Allow 1½ hours to be on the safe side.


By bus

Bus service from Bergen bus station to Sævrøy.
Bus journey time from Bergen: 2¼ – 2½ hours including transfer

Check with an online route planner to find your bus that will connect with the ferry.  

Bus time table
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Boat journey from Bergen

Be collected by a private boat from Bergen. The trip to Fedje is spectacular and winds its way between archipelagos.

A rib trip takes about an hour from Bergen to Fedje, 14500 kroner for up to 12 persons.

Contact us for prices for other types of boats.